Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is a Good Resume Objective Statement for Resume?

Resume objective statement is used to convince the employer that you know what you want to do working in the position and how you can benefit the company while achieving your personal goals. It should clearly state the required skills and qualifications that make you suitable candidate to be hired for working in the position. This section is generally over viewed by the employer while short listing your resume. You must write this section impressively with accurate details for attracting more employers.
Significance of Resume Objective
Writing a perfect objective statement can be difficult. To make it easier, it is important to know the requirement of the job and relevant skills and qualifications possessed by you. Knowing these details, it is quite easier to write an attention seeking career statement.
Employer will be reading hundreds of job applications and resume objective statement. To get the job opportunity, they must find your application unique and different from others. Your career statement should catch an eye of the employer at first sight. Here are some points to remember to make your statement of resume objective outstanding and attention grabbing while resume screening.
  • Clearly state the position you are seeking in the company. Do not provide any false or unclear details. For example, if you are applying for any engineering job, do not say that “Looking for the opportunity to work in the field of engineering…..”. This does not specify any particular position. Instead, you can say that, “I am looking forward to work as a computer engineer, where …….”
  • Customize this statement to match the job you are applying for. Design the statement for resume objective depending on the skills required for the position and present your career goals clearly and explicitly
  • One should get complete idea of your professional background after going through the objective statement
  • It should be short, about 2-3 lines and to the point. Lengthy statements will make a bad impression on the employers and your resume may get rejected
Sample Objective Statements
Sample 1#
Working in an established pharmaceutical company, I am seeking the position of a sales manager to implement innovative ideas in increasing the sales of the company. Excellent leadership skills with an ability to work in a team will prove my efficiency in building up an efficient team
Sample 2#
As an entry level applicant in the field of engineering, I am looking forward to work with the reputed company as a Computer Engineer. I am sure that my strong programming skills and detailed knowledge about the field will prove me helpful in my prospective work 
Going through these resume objective statement you will understand how you can clearly mention the position you are seeking in the company and what specialized skills make you appropriate candidate for that position (find out more resume objective statements here ).

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