Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to Write Best Teacher Resume Objectives

Job of a teacher involves great responsibilities. Working as a teacher you will be responsible for teaching the students and shaping their future. If you are applying for the teacher job, you must know how to write the resume for this position. The most important section in resume is the career objective. As this is present in the starting of your CV, you must present the information carefully so that employer gets maximum information about the candidate. Let us discuss some sample resume objectives for teacher jobs. These teacher resume objective samples will help you in designing a perfect objective statement for you.
Important Skills for Teacher Resume
Teachers will require certain skill set for working efficiently and delivering the information appropriately. Here are these important skills for teaching jobs:
  • Ability to develop rapport with students
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Ambition
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Enthusiastic
  • Energetic

    Sample Objective Statements

    For Experienced Teacher
    As an experienced teacher, I would like to implement new teaching techniques that will make learning easier and fascinating. I would like to develop a good rapport with the students and colleague. As same explain in sales executive resume in previous hub.
    For Entry Level Teacher
    Seeking the job of a teacher in an established educational institute and utilize my energetic and lively attitude in teaching students with great enthusiasm. I would also handle the administrative responsibilities with my excellent administrative and management skills. I will always encourage students for learning new things and participating in creative programs
    For Intern ship Teacher
    As a trainee teacher, I would like to work hard and learn the teaching skills. I would implement easiest ways to teach students and express my knowledge. With guidance from senior teachers, I would be an expert in the field ready to face any challenges in future
    Working as a teacher, you need to understand the needs of students. Teaching is an art and you must be an expert in it as the future of students will depend on your capabilities. You must be an excellent interpreter and able to present your knowledge in simple and understandable manner.
    When you write an objective statement for the teacher resume, it is important to know what exactly you want to achieve working as a teacher. Your resume objective should display your interest in delivering quality information to students.
    With the perfect resume objective, you can make a great impact on the employer and grab the opportunity. Make sure to give overview of your teaching skills and any accomplishment in your objective statement to make good positive impression on the prospective employer.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lawyer Salary

The average salary for a lawyer ranges around US $50,000 to US $70,000, which is far better comparatively, but it depends on various factors like location, experience etc.    
When it comes to the legal field, we can see USA excelling in the number of lawyers, as compared to other countries. Lawyer’s profession is one of the top paid and highly respectable industry in USA. It is but obvious that initially, like other professions; the salary for a lawyer is less. Novice lawyers assist the senior lawyers in the starting period of their career. Thus, their salary ranges around US $50,000 to US $70,000, which is quite decent compared to other starting salary ranges.
While pursuing the education to be a lawyer, the educational format may vary by state. It basically has 4 years of college degree, 3 years of law school, and passing a bar exam. If we look at the competition scenario, it is absolute cut throat, and intense.
Lawyers also work as advisor and advocates to different clients, and they are responsible for presenting arguments while defending, and present evidences that support them. There are specific areas of specialization in which these lawyers do their legal practice. These are business, family, criminal and environmental law and other such areas.
Many lawyers also work in private sector in which they deal mainly with civil and criminal cases. On the other hand, the role of corporate lawyers is way different from the rest. The corporate lawyers advise organizations on legal issues related to business or government regulations, contracts, patents etc. Government lawyers, work for public defenders, prosecutors and within the courts. Lawyers/attorneys at the federal level investigate cases for the US Department of Justice and other similar agencies. Lawyers who work for NGOs or help needy people deals with civil cases of their problems, and several lawyers also work as professors.
Thus, after defining the wide variety of work these lawyers do, let us know about their salaries as well. These salaries may differ on the basis of location, experience, specialization, size of the organization etc.

Average salary in $
47,780 to 79,070
Family Law
48,390 to 79,680
Legal Research
53,340 to 99,900
Real Estate
53,260 to 117,990
Litigation & Appeals
60,870 to 110,320
87,450 to 181,520

Is Resume Objective Really Necessary?

Resume objective is the first section of the resume and it is very much important if you wish to make a statement about yourself. It can be regarding what you have to offer or it may be about your ambition too. It is better to tell the employer where you see yourself in the near future in the professional arena, or what you feel about the organization, etc.

Importance of Resume Objectives

The importance of the objective is in the fact that not many candidates make appropriate use of it. People put generic and cliched statements like 'to utilize my skills and serve...,' etc. This shows nothing but mediocrity and we all know mediocrity has no place anywhere; least if all in the job market. Why not put something which is related to the job instead and that puts you in a good light? See the following examples for explanation.

Resume Objective Examples

We have given examples of some fields. It will clear the notion we are trying to explain here in this write up.

This is for someone who wishes to get into the field of print journalism. One should analyse first what is the stand of the newspaper and what kind of work he or she will be expected to do. Because the work varies from a newspaper to a tabloid. Similarly a fashion magazine may involve photography and write promotional content too for some designers.

Once you know the work of the specific media and the venture it is involved in, you can write better resume objective statements. This stands true in case of all the fields.

Editors are expected to perform certain duties and you can mention about it in this section. You can say, 'My intention is to ensure quality and error free work gets place in the publishing department. To keep a track of the latest news coming in related to our content. Train people under me using my expertise in the field.'

Thus, these were two examples of both, entry level resume (journalist) and an experienced professional (editor). Experts recommend to go through the follow the trend when it comes to penning down the qualities in the responsibilities section of resume. But, as far as the objective is concerned one should not copy it from somewhere.

It is just like the resume and job applications; it needs to be customized for every opportunity.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Things to Put in Nursing Resume Objective

Resume objectives for nurses are easy to write as they have the freedom to write about their proficiencies and things that drive them to be in this field.
Nurses play an important role in a patient’s life, be it before a surgery to prepare the patient mentally and physically for the operation or be it in the post operative phase. He or she is responsible for taking care of the patient for their medications, cleaning up, noting down temperatures, blood pressure, etc. These are things that can be monitored professionally and very well only by trained nurses. Without nurses’ contribution it is difficult for a hospital or a clinic to function efficiently.
More often than not it is the mental support that holds importance and makes an impact on a patient’s life than just getting rid of a physical ailment. No doubt a doctor’s contribution is invaluable but the doctor cannot be around for small yet crucial needs of a patient. Such is the profession of nurses.
Now the most important point is employment for nurses. If one has experience in nursing it is not that difficult to find a job but what is important is the way you write your resume. Have a look at the following to know in what way it matters.
What Should Resume Objective Do?

The objectives for nursing resumes should highlight what one expects from the employer and at the same time one should try and tell the employer how you can contribute to them, how you can be an asset to them, express the desire to have a chance to serve and prove your mettle.
It can be said that the objective for nursing resume has the power to build up an image in the employer’s eyes that can win you a call for the interview. So, irrespective of whether you are an experienced or an inexperienced professional, you need to be careful and innovative while writing this section of nursing resumes.
Stress management, diligence and patience are the biggest virtues one can have being a nurse. Hence one should mention these in the nursing resume objective section without fail. Also, the specialization in this profession is something that varies and thus the personal traits and interests to put in the resume objective will change accordingly.
Importance of Nursing Resume Objective

Since the employer has many job applications to go through, it is recommended to put in your preference and specialization in the beginning of the resume. Similarly, if you have handled administrative responsibilities, you can be considered for placements in the same department.
Expectation: You can highlight your expectation from the employer in this section, like nurse salary which becomes easier for the recruiter as well as the employer to short list and put you in a proper opening.
Skills to Put: You may mention about the essential qualities required in a nurse in the nursing resume objective if you think they are your biggest selling points. Every employer and candidate knows what is required to be in the shoes of a nurse but difference lies in the way you put it across.
Ways of Writing Objective

Whenever you are writing the objective section for the nurse resume, use adjectives like ‘dedicated’ so and so number of years, ‘assisted’ post operative cardiac patients, ‘managed’ administrative responsibilities.
We hope you have now realized the importance of nursing resume objective tips for effective resume and will draft the resume accordingly. We suggest you to go through the employer’s requirements and then draft the objective section carefully. The making the resume sell able is your responsibility; we help you do that.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Human Resources Resume Objective

There are two departments in any working organization which people need and depend also, and at the same time are apprehensive too. They are the labour union department and the human resources department. Both these departments are crucial in making or breaking an organization. When these two are compared, the latter seems more important, as the human resources (HR) people are involved in recruiting and taking care of the employees' issues, but at the same time the HR professionals represent the management of the company too. This way they are neither too employee friendly nor too much inclined towards the employers.
To win the confidence of the employer, you should write the objective like it is shown in the following examples.
Samples of Human Resources Resume Objectives
  • To create a happy environment for people and take care of their issues as well as help the management to understand the employees.
  • Hiring worthy people for the benefit of the company and training them fully for being suitable to the work culture in the organization. I believe you can provide me this opportunity and thus my interest in (name of the company).
  • Seeking the designation of an HR manager to ensure that the link of communication between the management and the employees remain strong and that the people in general are happy and both bear mutual benefits.
  • Looking for a challenging job which will put my studied sense of analysis to good use and provide me the chances to learn and grow within the organization. Money is not the only thing that drove me to take up this opportunity to apply for a job in (the name of the company).
  • My objective is to find a job that suits my personal needs of being around people, working towards a common goal and to excel in my job. I chose human resources as my career option because I believe only when there is proper communication and a healthy competition in the working place, a company can soar to great heights.
    These were a few examples of the human resources resume objectives, which you may use to draft your own statement like letter. It all depends on your interest and liking in the job field. Plus, remember one thing. You should try to connect your individual motives and the company's goals to come up with a different customized resume objective each time you apply somewhere for a job.