Friday, December 23, 2011

Mortgage Resume Objective

Resume for any job should present the expected information quickly and clearly. The information presented should make an impact on the potential employer. The main purpose behind writing a resume is to get you a job interview. With a perfectly written resume, you can easily achieve this purpose. Objective is an important part of any resume. Employers generally view this section for short listing the candidates. Hence, it is you prime duty to write this section according to the expectations of the employer. When applying for the mortgage broker position in any finance related organization, you need a resume that depicts your corresponding skills, experiences and accomplishments. Here we will provide you some tips for creating a mortgage resume objective and provide some examples for people with varied experience levels.
Job Description for a Mortgage Broker/ Adviser:
There are different jobs in this field like mortgage bankers, mortgage underwriters and mortgage brokers. The duties of all these positions differ depending on their respective work environments. Mortgage brokers may help clients in getting the ownership of a house. They act as the link between bank and the client. Mortgage underwriters have to review and study different loan policies and determine whether the customer should be provided with the loan amount or not.
The major job duties that a person working in any mortgage position has to perform are:
  • Determining the financial status of the client and generating the reports and presenting it to the banks
  • Interacting with the clients to collect the information to help in loan procedure
  • Identify the financial needs of the clients and provide them appropriate options
  • Provide complete information of the mortgage product to the customers
  • Assist the clients in making the loan application and explain the complete procedure to them
  • Plan innovative mortgage packages to attract more clients
What are the important skills required in mortgage resumes?
  • Impressive oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to handle angry clients and resolve their queries
  • Logical thinking
  • Management talent
  • Ability to interpret information
  • Decision making ability
  • Profound knowledge of banking procedure and finance field
Examples of Mortgage Resume Objectives
Here are some sample objective statements for mortgage resumes. Going though these examples, you will understand how you can include your accomplishments, skills and experience details within 2-3 lines and give a remarkable start to your CV.
Objective for Experienced Candidate
As I have spent around 4 years in the mortgage and finance industry, I have complete idea of how to convince the clients and clarify their doubts. With my excellent decision making abilities and communication skills, I can impress my clients and convince them to buy the product, thus, benefiting the organization
Objective Statement for Fresher Candidate
As a beginner in the mortgage and finance industry, working in the mortgage broker position, I would like to learn and understand all the concepts related to the mortgage and loan procedure. My quick learning ability and convincing skills, in combination, can help me a lot in my work.
Objective Statement for Internship Candidate
As a trainee in the company, I would like to understand the work culture and learn new concepts and techniques that can help me in improving my efficiency. Working as an intern in the company, I will learn to deal with different problems and get complete knowledge on planning new project
These sample objective statements will give you clear idea on how to present all your major job relevant details to grab the manager’s attention. Do not copy these statements exactly. Instead draft unique objective statements for your mortgage job and use it to impress the employers.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Administrative Resume Objective

Resume objective is the initial section in resume that tells the potential employer of the future goals and accomplishments of the candidate that he/she wants to acquire working in the particular position. This section will help the employer to know about the efficiencies of the candidate. Going through this section employer will be fully convinced that candidate can be beneficial in the company progress and help the company to attain its goals while achieving his self goals. When you are writing objective for any position, remember that this should be in relevance to the prospective job profile. Here we discuss the tips for writing the administrative resume objective. We also provide the administrative resume objective examples to help you get the detailed idea on this type of resume writing.
Objective tells the employer how the candidate is going to accomplish the particular tasks in an efficient way in the particular time period. It is the career goal of the person that can help in attracting the employer.
Administrative Resume Objective
When you are applying for the administrative position in any company, you will need a customized resume describing all your job specific skills and qualifications. This resume will include different sections. For better impact on the employer, you need to write every section with accuracy and relevancy to the job. Resume objective template in this resume must speak about your short term goals that you are planning to achieve while working in the position. You must explain to the employer how you are going to achieve this goal while benefiting the company.
An effective job objective is the one that speaks about the applicant’s major skills and traits in single line and makes better impact on the employer.
Objective Writing Tips
When you are writing the administrative resume objective, make sure that your job objective does not exceed three lines. Your job objective is a statement and not a sentence, hence; avoid  putting a full stop at the end of the objective. Lengthy resume objectives and functional resume template make bad impression on the employer. It is important to limit your objective to 2-3 lines and write it keeping in mind the requirements of the applied position.
Administrative jobs include various job responsibilities to be handled by the candidate. When you are working in the administrative department of any company, you will be responsible for handling numerous administrative tasks. Below are few examples of administrative resume objectives to help you get complete idea of writing effective objectives for this position.
Sample Objectives
Example 1
Seeking the position of the administrative assistant in the renowned organization where I can contribute in the progress of the company by making effective use of the learned skills and get acquainted with the advanced trends in the field
Example 2
An administrative assistant with wide experience of working in industry and performing numerous administrative tasks, looking for the similar position in the established company to enhance the job specific skills and utilize the existing skills in the progress of the company and accomplish self goals
Objectives in resume will be different for different positions. You must know the tips for writing these objective for resume according to the applied positions. Mention clearly the position you are seeking in the company and do not provide any vague details.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chef Resume Objective


Objective section is essential in a resume. As it is the introductory section, it is obvious that this section will be first viewed by the employer. It is necessary for every type of resume. If you are a Chef and applying for the same position in any hotel or catering agency, your chef resume objective must reflect your culinary skills and other relevant job specific skills. You need to get attention from the employer; hence, your CV must include the details as expected by the recruiter and as per the job requirements.
While drafting an objective statement, consider all the elements that you think can grab the attention of the employer. Present your experiences and skill set in an effective way. Here we discuss the tips for writing the chef resume objective and discuss some sample career resume objective template statements to help you get an idea of such resume objectives.
Chef Resume
The objective statement in the chef resume should be the collection of words describing your culinary skills. It must inform the prospective employer your desire to work in an esteemed organization. It should properly convince the employer to hire you or at least call you for the personal interview.
Job Description
The chef in any hotel or catering agency is responsible for managing the team of cooks and chefs. They also look after the inventory for the kitchen and decide the menu. They train the junior chefs in innovative styles of cooking and ensure they manage time efficiently.
Chefs are required in any private catering agency, hotels, food industry, etc. The demand for trained and experienced chefs has increased in the past few years. Many times when you apply for this position, you make a mistake of writing the same objective statement and using it everywhere you apply. It is recommended to customize your objective depending on the job description. Know the requirements of the particular job and then design your objective accordingly.
Sample Objective Statements
Resume Objective for Experienced Chef
An experienced chef with excellent managerial skills in the culinary field, looking for a similar position to utilize the existing skills and to bring creativity in my cooking. Eager to get involved in maintaining the inventory for the kitchen  
For Fresher Chef
As a fresher in the field of cooking, I would like to use innovative style in preparing various dishes. Aspiring candidate keen to learn new cooking techniques from experienced chefs and also understand the tastes of the customers
For Intern Resume
As an intern candidate, I would like to utilize every assigned task to learn the techniques to cook excellently. I would also be interested in handling the clerical duties in the hotel’s administrative office  
Make sure that your objective statement is not more than three lines. If it is longer than this, it will sound boring to read. It must convey your potential in these few lines. It should be specific and to the point. It should not talk anything that is not related to the position you are applying. Make use of effective adjectives in your career statement.
Even though your chef resume objective is short and concise, it should encompass all the elements that are necessary for the applied job. Instead of focusing on any particular job skill, focus on your objective as per the position you are applying for.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Assistant Coach Resume


An assistant coach helps in relieving the head coach of his daily duties in case he is too busy with them. Additionally, he is given some other responsibilities as well which depend on the area in which he is working. An assistant coach can be of many types depending on the type of sport he specializes in. He can be a basketball coach, gymnastics coach, swimming coach and so on. Each of these types requires some specific skills depending on the role of the coach. Being an assistant coach is sure to pave a way for becoming the head coach.
            A resume is one of the key factors in deciding the fate of the application of a candidate. Hence, it is but obvious that it should be effective in terms of the layout of information and also its readability. And this is more important in case of an assistant coach since he has an ambition to become the head coach. The resume should be to the point and the applicant must demonstrate his abilities without much ado.
            We are providing a sample resume of an assistant coach just as an example:
Joe Strutter
382, Mason’s Avenue,
Miami, FL, 32788
Contact Number: (382) 378- 8291
Email Id:

To become an assistant coach with the national Table Tennis team and serve my country by helping the team win several tournaments. Also refer another figure skating coach resume for more.
Professional experience:
Adlabs Sports Club
Assistant table tennis coach (2009-present)
  • Responsible for coaching the team, which went on to win a National Level tournament  
  • Taught players right from the age of 7 years to 70 years
  • Scheduled the timetable for different batches in the club
  • Assisted the coach for training the champion players
Adams Club
Assistant coach (2007-2008)
  • Assisted the head coach in chalking out the program for the entire sports season
  • Guided the sportsmen regarding warm-up exercises, hydration, nutrition, etc.
  • Replied to the emails on account of the head coach
  • Assorted the players into various groups according to their age group and skills
Florida State University
Bachelor of Science in Sports Management (2003-2006)
Personal Achievements:
  • Won the National Level Table Tennis in 2005 in the Single’s Event
  • Won a gold medal in the Mixed Double’s event in 2005 in the National Level Table Tennis tournament
Personal Details:
Date of Birth: 12/12/1984
Marital Status: Single
Relocation: Yes
Would be furnished upon request

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bus Driver Resume Objective and Their Salary

When you are preparing a resume for any particular position, it is important to draft an attractive job objective. Many people find it difficult to construct a job relevant objective statement. Employers generally go through the objective and then only move towards the further details. If the start of the resume is not good, it can make a bad impact on the prospective employer. Although it is difficult to write the objective, your resume is incomplete without it. It will reflect your professional graph and give an impression of your skills. In the abstract below, we discuss the importance of the driver resume objective and the details of the salary drawn by a driver to help you get more information.
Resume is necessary for all jobs, no matter whether it is a job in the field of engineering or a cab driver’s job. When applying for the driver position in any travel company or elsewhere, you need a resume describing your driving skills and other related skills. Job objective is the most important and first section in the resume. It is necessary to take additional efforts in drafting this section as it can make a lasting impression on the employer.
Significance of Objective Statement
Your career objective in the resume will tell the employer about your job related skills and convince him to call you for the job interview. It will:
  • Highlight your major qualifications so that employer can easily go through them
  • It will help the employer to know your near future career goals
  • Clearly states the position you are seeking in the company
When you are writing the objective statement, make sure that it is in accordance with the job you are applying for. It should not be more than 2-3 sentences. The major things that you need to talk of in the career section are the position you are seeking in the company, your interest in that position and how the company can get benefited by selecting you.
The work profile of a driver and the driver functional resume template will depend on the type of the job for which the person is applying. In your resume you can mention your driving skills, experience, interest in driving and other relevant information that can highlight your driving skills.
In the career section, you can inform the employer why you are interested in the particular position in the company. It is necessary to specifically mention the position like truck driver, van, taxi or forklift driver. This will help the employer to know more about your interest in the position. If you describe only about the driver position, it will be applicable to all driver positions and might sound too generic. Hence, be specific in describing the position that you are seeking in the company.
Job Description of Driver
The job duties of the driver will depend on the location and type of the job. Being a driver of any vehicle, you would need to operate the vehicle safely and efficiently. You may need to follow the scheduled routes or charter routes on request. You will have to assist the passengers in boarding and alighting the vehicle, loading and unloading the luggage, monitoring the traffic and weather conditions and notify the possible problems that might arise.
Below are some sample resume objectives to give you clear idea of writing the driver resume objectives.
Example 1:
An experienced driver with over 8 years of experience in driving, having a driving license and seeking the position of car driver in your travel agency to provide better service to clients
Example 2:
Looking for the position of a forklift truck driver in a reputed company to utilize the earned skills of driving the heavy vehicles and operating lift equipments and put them to good use
Example 3:
Looking for the position of a commercial truck driver to utilize years of experience in business transportation by putting my skills to good use for providing better service in a reputed transportation firm
Salary of Driver
The salary of the drivers in America differs depending on the type of job. However, the bus drivers in America earns annually on an average $26,000. These drivers provide transportation to the passengers within metropolitan areas. They need to possess specific license to operate heavy vehicles. There are also various other benefits provided by the company.
You have very little time to make a good impression with your targeted objective statement. Hence it is important to keep your objective to the point and avoid irrelevant and vague details.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mayor Salary


A mayor is responsible for a good functioning of a city. Thus the average salary for a mayor falls around $35,000 to $83,000.
Like an organization is run by a number of people and depending on the expertise, the hierarchy is decided. A respective position is given to a particular person to look after that specific part of organization. Similarly, our country is also like an organization in which the President is considered the first person. Thus, considering a city, a Mayor is in charge of its smooth running, with the help of other authorities. The main duty of a mayor is to cross check, and he is responsible for the smooth functioning of the city. Hence, the normal average salary for a mayor ranges from $35,000 to $83,000. The mayoral salaries differ as per the policies decided by a city or a town.  
There are so many duties that are carried out by a mayor. These may include managing the financial system, getting businesses and employment for people, ensuring people’s safety, and responding to all domestic as well as official complaints. The wide range of the a mayor salary is because of the location. The size of a country, state and city affects the salary package of a mayor. As being a government employee, a mayor also enjoys perks like bonuses which range around $4,000 to $10,000. To give you a more clear distinction, here is a small brief on a mayor in big and small cities:
·         Mayor in big cities: The largest cities of US are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix and Philadelphia has got higher salaries designed for the mayor of these cities. As per the New York guides, the salary for a mayor in New York is $195,000 per annum whereas the salary for LA mayor is exactly $205,000.    
·         Mayor in small cities: As we saw that the mayor in metros gets a six numbered salary package. On the other hand, the salary for a mayor in small cities may be less than even $1,000 per month. As per one article published in Whidbey News- Times, the mayor of South Bend, Washington gets a monthly payment of $800. It also says that the mayor of La Conner, Washington gets a monthly payment of $870. Thus the location plays an important role in deciding the salary of a mayor.    

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marketing Salary


Marketing job is challenging job. It deals with attracting people towards product. Marketing is a product or service selling related overall activities. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves. The average marketing salary
in the United States is $116,000. Salaries for marketing jobs largely depend on experience and number of successful campaigns.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dentist Salary


Dentist is trained and educated to deal with dental problem. Examines and treats diseases and injuries of teeth. Performs preventative and maintenance dentistry and educates the patient in proper tooth and gum care. Good training and experience count in high dentist salary. The average dentist salary in the United States is $131,000. It requires a degree in dentistry and is licensed to practice.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lawyer Salary


Salary is one big factor which is considered very important by every candidate and professionals as well. It may be any field, legal, engineering, medical etc. A high range of lawyer salary is one of the most important factors that has attracted many youths towards this profession. The initial salary for lawyer is about $57,000 per annum and the average salary is about $94,000. We all are familiar with the nature of a lawyer’s work. A lawyer is a legal advisor to common people who has in depth study of our legal system. There are some factors which affects the average salary of a lawyer. These factors mainly enlist experience, educational qualification, your expertise regarding a particular field, size and location of your work. There are different lawyers who get different ranges of salaries:
  • Assault lawyer: The average mean salary for an assault lawyer is about $49,000 but still like other sectors, this salary is also decided on many factors like location, educational qualification etc.
  • Divorce lawyer: A divorce lawyer mostly deals with issues related to property division, separation, and alimony, and child custody in case of divorce. The salary range for such a lawyer is around $48,000 rising up to $80,000. If we consider the average, the salary scale will go around $96,000 per annum.  
  • Nursing home lawyer: The mean salary of such a lawyer is around $97,000 per annum.
  • Insurance lawyer: The average salary of an insurance lawyer ranges around $65,000 per year.
  • Criminal lawyer: This kind of lawyer has to deal with lots of life threatening situations as they deal with all levels of criminals. Therefore the salary of a criminal lawyer depends on factors like location, work experience, how big is the law firm, and which section of law you expertise in. The average salary scale of a criminal lawyer is around $78,593, which if the lawyer practices individually, it is around $95,195 per annum.
  • Employment lawyers: $60,000 is the average salary range for an employment lawyer.
  • Corporate lawyers: As the designation suggests, these lawyers mainly look after business problems and industrial legal matters. The salary for corporate lawyer is around $65,872 to $122,121.
  • Intellectual property lawyers: Those having strong command over intellectual property laws can become a very good lawyer in this field. The mean salary range for this lawyer is around $89,000. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Complete Salary Details: Chemical Engineer Salary

Complete Salary Details: Chemical Engineer Salary: " ..."

Chemical Engineer Salary

The salary for a chemical engineer varies depending on which field you choose in this vast industry of chemical engineering.
Engineering is a big field with lots of mathematics, calculations, machines, chemicals etc. One has to put a lot of hard work and mental patience for it. Though the field is tough, the pay scales are attractive. In the vast field of engineering, chemical engineering is an ethical profession. The chemical industry has to convert basic raw materials into a variety of products, deal with designs and operation of plants and equipment to perform such a work. Thus, the salary of a chemical engineer pays for the hard work these engineers put in.
Before considering the salary structure of a chemical engineer, let us peep into the job responsibilities first and then we shall move on to your favorite, salary scales. Usually, a chemical engineer is the person who applies the skills of engineering in practical applications with respect to designing, manufacturing and operation of plant and machinery in industrial procedures.      
But nowadays we see chemical engineers are more prone to new technologies coming up in this field like fuel cells, hydrogen power and nanotechnology and working in fields like polymer engineering and biomedical engineering. Numerous historical or renowned personalities can be found in the list of chemical engineers. This field is now coming up with a lot of career opportunities, and has been in demand due to its salary scales and job style. In the engineering sector, a salary for chemical engineer is considered one of the most descent and highest of all.
Now coming to the main point of salary, an average chemical engineer salary ranges around $87,000 to $1 22,345. Some companies might offer some low packages at first, around $63,000 to $88,000. For R & D department (research and development), the range differs somewhat around $63,000 to $98,000. This profession is spreading its branches all over the world, steadily making it an important profession. Though the chemical engineering industry is huge and thus, there are a lot of job opportunities in the following sector, especially:       
·         Fertilizer technology
·         Petroleum refining
·         Recycling metals
·         Glass and plastics industry
·         Paints and dyes
·         Processing of food and agricultural products
·         Cosmetics industry
·         Prevention and control of environmental hazards
·         Mineral based industry

The initial salary for entry level engineers may not be high but gradually as the experience starts getting built, you will definitely get paid well. A general outlook is given regarding the different salary ranges for different people in chemical engineering sector:

·        Chemical Manufacturing - $68,000 to $85,000
·        Engineering Consultant – $65,000 to $80,000
·        Oil and Gas Industry - $70,000 to $88,000
·        Pharmaceuticals - $70,000 to $88,000
·        Petroleum Refining - $76,000 to $95,000
·        Government/ federal Agencies - $50,000 to $100,000
It will be very typical to say that the salary depends on your work experience and qualifications etc. But it is also true that the salary range of the chemical engineer depends on what kind of job you will get, and the type of company. Choose the industry that you are best interested in, and get started now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Model Salary


Professional in fashion and advertising industry. Models pose for still photographers, television cameras, and artists. They also display clothes and accessories for clothing manufacturers and stores. Model job is depending upon there looks and shape. There are various types of models artist model, fashion model, fitting model and television commercial models. The average model salary in the United States is $78,000.The highest salary for model is $105,000. The model salary depend upon experience. They get highest paycheck with more experience.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Medical Coder Salary


Medical professional with good knowledge of medical code. Becoming medical coder is rewarding and exciting career. Every medical service is assigned a numeric code to define diagnostics, treatments and procedures. It is the coder’s job to enter this information into a database. Medical coder employed by hospitals but job opportunities also exist in clinics, private practices, nursing homes, mental health institutions, government agencies and other health-care businesses. The average medical code salary is $42,000. There salary depend on the experience.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Doctor Salary


Doctor is most respectful person in the society. The role of doctor is saving others life. This is the one of highest paid career choice. You can choose to specialize in everything from a general practice to one of the many choices such as surgery; orthopedics and pediatrics. This profession has many responsibilities. Doctor salary depends on state wise and nature of job. Doctors maximum salary is $116,000 in US.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marine Biologist Salary

Marine biologist study and research of ocean life. They have to visit frequently to ocean for collecting sample or recording. There are various career opportunities in this field. Colleges and universities are offering various marine biology degrees from associate degrees to doctorate degrees in this field. For working in this field require strong passion. The average marine biologist salary in the United States is $65,000. There salary differ location wise. The highest marine biologist salary is $110,000. There salary increase with the various research and experience in this field.

Monday, April 18, 2011

CIA Salary

CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency of the US.It is the challenging job and it make good salary. he CIA requires a 4-year bachelor's degree for most every entry-level job and an advanced degree for non-clerical jobs. The average CIA salary is $85,000. It can range form a maximum of more than $100,000.  This job also provide more benefits. CIA salary increase with the experience.

Friday, April 8, 2011

CCIE Salary

CCIE for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. They work on networking system and protocol. The CCIE certification is very important in the most companies. In the field of CCIE get good salary.
The average CCIE Salary is $120,000. There salary increases with experience.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bus Driver Salary

Bus driver provides transportation to passengers between regions or within metropolitan areas. They require a specific license to operate. There types are public transport drivers, tourist drivers or school bus drivers.the main priority of bus driver is passengers safety. The average bus driver salary is $26,000.They also get various benefits from the organization also.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bookkeeper Salary

Bookkeeper maintaining the company's records. They keep financial records of a company expenditures, profit and loss, cash flow, and other financial activities. Bookkeepers usually work for the accounting departments of their companies. The average bookkeeper salary in the United States is $36,000. There salary go up to $44,000 there jobs are office based.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Biologist Salary

Biologist study with plant and animal in research laboratory. They also maintain records of undergoing biological process. Biologist require a bachelor's degree and 0-2 years of experience in the field or in a related area. They have knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. The average biologist salary is $74,000. There salary increase up-to $90,000.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bartender Salary

Bartender prepares cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages for customers. He has knowledge of common drinks and give suggestion to the customers. It requires high school diploma and 2 to 3 years experience. The average bartender salary of a sits at $22,000.There salary reach up to $27,000. The bartender is good job for increasing salary.