Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chef Resume Objective


Objective section is essential in a resume. As it is the introductory section, it is obvious that this section will be first viewed by the employer. It is necessary for every type of resume. If you are a Chef and applying for the same position in any hotel or catering agency, your chef resume objective must reflect your culinary skills and other relevant job specific skills. You need to get attention from the employer; hence, your CV must include the details as expected by the recruiter and as per the job requirements.
While drafting an objective statement, consider all the elements that you think can grab the attention of the employer. Present your experiences and skill set in an effective way. Here we discuss the tips for writing the chef resume objective and discuss some sample career resume objective template statements to help you get an idea of such resume objectives.
Chef Resume
The objective statement in the chef resume should be the collection of words describing your culinary skills. It must inform the prospective employer your desire to work in an esteemed organization. It should properly convince the employer to hire you or at least call you for the personal interview.
Job Description
The chef in any hotel or catering agency is responsible for managing the team of cooks and chefs. They also look after the inventory for the kitchen and decide the menu. They train the junior chefs in innovative styles of cooking and ensure they manage time efficiently.
Chefs are required in any private catering agency, hotels, food industry, etc. The demand for trained and experienced chefs has increased in the past few years. Many times when you apply for this position, you make a mistake of writing the same objective statement and using it everywhere you apply. It is recommended to customize your objective depending on the job description. Know the requirements of the particular job and then design your objective accordingly.
Sample Objective Statements
Resume Objective for Experienced Chef
An experienced chef with excellent managerial skills in the culinary field, looking for a similar position to utilize the existing skills and to bring creativity in my cooking. Eager to get involved in maintaining the inventory for the kitchen  
For Fresher Chef
As a fresher in the field of cooking, I would like to use innovative style in preparing various dishes. Aspiring candidate keen to learn new cooking techniques from experienced chefs and also understand the tastes of the customers
For Intern Resume
As an intern candidate, I would like to utilize every assigned task to learn the techniques to cook excellently. I would also be interested in handling the clerical duties in the hotel’s administrative office  
Make sure that your objective statement is not more than three lines. If it is longer than this, it will sound boring to read. It must convey your potential in these few lines. It should be specific and to the point. It should not talk anything that is not related to the position you are applying. Make use of effective adjectives in your career statement.
Even though your chef resume objective is short and concise, it should encompass all the elements that are necessary for the applied job. Instead of focusing on any particular job skill, focus on your objective as per the position you are applying for.

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