Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is Resume Objective Really Necessary?

Resume objective is the first section of the resume and it is very much important if you wish to make a statement about yourself. It can be regarding what you have to offer or it may be about your ambition too. It is better to tell the employer where you see yourself in the near future in the professional arena, or what you feel about the organization, etc.

Importance of Resume Objectives

The importance of the objective is in the fact that not many candidates make appropriate use of it. People put generic and cliched statements like 'to utilize my skills and serve...,' etc. This shows nothing but mediocrity and we all know mediocrity has no place anywhere; least if all in the job market. Why not put something which is related to the job instead and that puts you in a good light? See the following examples for explanation.

Resume Objective Examples

We have given examples of some fields. It will clear the notion we are trying to explain here in this write up.

This is for someone who wishes to get into the field of print journalism. One should analyse first what is the stand of the newspaper and what kind of work he or she will be expected to do. Because the work varies from a newspaper to a tabloid. Similarly a fashion magazine may involve photography and write promotional content too for some designers.

Once you know the work of the specific media and the venture it is involved in, you can write better resume objective statements. This stands true in case of all the fields.

Editors are expected to perform certain duties and you can mention about it in this section. You can say, 'My intention is to ensure quality and error free work gets place in the publishing department. To keep a track of the latest news coming in related to our content. Train people under me using my expertise in the field.'

Thus, these were two examples of both, entry level resume (journalist) and an experienced professional (editor). Experts recommend to go through the follow the trend when it comes to penning down the qualities in the responsibilities section of resume. But, as far as the objective is concerned one should not copy it from somewhere.

It is just like the resume and job applications; it needs to be customized for every opportunity.

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  1. I agree with you, but present scenario some people disagree with objective.Employer will not sort through their resume to know what you want. The position you are applying for is not necessarily your objective. It is more depended on what yoy have. Now a days objective on your resume is optional, having an objective for your resume is not - you need to be clear about your employment goals. When creating your resume remember that 9o% of companies are not run, Your resume is being read by people who want to know, “What can you do".