Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lawyer Salary

The average salary for a lawyer ranges around US $50,000 to US $70,000, which is far better comparatively, but it depends on various factors like location, experience etc.    
When it comes to the legal field, we can see USA excelling in the number of lawyers, as compared to other countries. Lawyer’s profession is one of the top paid and highly respectable industry in USA. It is but obvious that initially, like other professions; the salary for a lawyer is less. Novice lawyers assist the senior lawyers in the starting period of their career. Thus, their salary ranges around US $50,000 to US $70,000, which is quite decent compared to other starting salary ranges.
While pursuing the education to be a lawyer, the educational format may vary by state. It basically has 4 years of college degree, 3 years of law school, and passing a bar exam. If we look at the competition scenario, it is absolute cut throat, and intense.
Lawyers also work as advisor and advocates to different clients, and they are responsible for presenting arguments while defending, and present evidences that support them. There are specific areas of specialization in which these lawyers do their legal practice. These are business, family, criminal and environmental law and other such areas.
Many lawyers also work in private sector in which they deal mainly with civil and criminal cases. On the other hand, the role of corporate lawyers is way different from the rest. The corporate lawyers advise organizations on legal issues related to business or government regulations, contracts, patents etc. Government lawyers, work for public defenders, prosecutors and within the courts. Lawyers/attorneys at the federal level investigate cases for the US Department of Justice and other similar agencies. Lawyers who work for NGOs or help needy people deals with civil cases of their problems, and several lawyers also work as professors.
Thus, after defining the wide variety of work these lawyers do, let us know about their salaries as well. These salaries may differ on the basis of location, experience, specialization, size of the organization etc.

Average salary in $
47,780 to 79,070
Family Law
48,390 to 79,680
Legal Research
53,340 to 99,900
Real Estate
53,260 to 117,990
Litigation & Appeals
60,870 to 110,320
87,450 to 181,520

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